Morning Matches

Cornwall vs Dorset  


Maddie Watson & Sophie Hallet vs Ellie Mans & Elizabeth Ashford - A/S  

Hannah McGrath & Elle Grace Croker vs Elle Reed & Chloe Northover - A/S 


Kira Barnes vs Chloe Hessler - A/S 

Maisie Drewett vs Honor Johnson - A/S 

Lizzy Nile vs Hermione Christy Clover - Win 2/1 for Cornwall

Overall Result : Cornwall win 3 matches to 2 

Devon vs Wiltshire  


Carys Morris & Flossy Voaden vs Lizzie Bryant & Sophie Corridor Escalente - Win 8/6 for Wilts 

Ruby Davis & Hannah Reynolds vs Serrenna Bennett & Ellie Webster - Win 5/3 for Devon 


Lauren McGinnis vs Katie Wallis - Win 5/s for Wilts 

Sophie Page vs Maya Fitzgerald - Win 5/4 for Devon  

Susie Carr vs Niamh Cripps - Win 3/2 for Devon  

Overall Result : Devon win 3 matches to 2


Somerset vs Gloucestershire  


Frankie Dezis & Jo Champion vs Gabriella Hayes & Rhian McGinley- Win 4/2 for Somerset  

Abby Gray & Megan Wilde vs Lilly Whittaker & Abbie Bishop - Win 3/1 for Gloucestershire  


Ellen Reakes vs Lorna Evans - Win 4/3 for Gloucestershire 

Jess Haines vs Taylor Hodgson - Win 4/3 for Gloucestershire  

Kim Parker vs Millie Gait - Win 4/2 for Gloucestershire  

Overall Result : Gloucestershire win 4 matches to 1 

Afternoon Matches

Dorset vs Wiltshire   

Gloucestershire vs Cornwall  

Somerset vs Devon   

All matches were eventually abandoned as the course flooded in torrential rain. Every match was called a half.